Juan and Gloria

Juan Cajahuaman

Juan Cajahuaman is a college graduate in psychology. He is from a large family, who originally from the mountain city of Cerro de Pasco (a mining town at 14,000 ft above sea level), moved to Lima before Juan’s birth. They lived in El Augustino, a “pueblo joven” to the east of downtown Lima, where Juan grew up and attended public schools. He became involved with the Jesuits through the local parish and met his future wife through the parish’s youth group.

Gloria Martinez

Gloria Martinez is a college graduate. She also was born and raised in El Augustino and attended the local public schools there.

Juan and Gloria married, and as a couple, decided to do “volunteer” work in the remote city of Tacna (800 miles to the south of Lima, near the Chilean border). They signed up to work at the “Center for the Working Child” in Tacna, a Jesuit affiliated social work program, which gives children from very poor families the opportunity to learn skills and a recreation center to go to. The program also helps parents (usually single mothers) learn skills which they could use to bring some income into their families. Also connected with the “Center for the Working Child” is a small orphanage for homeless boys called the “Casita” (“little house”). Juan and Gloria began working in the “Casita” and shortly were named directors of the house, where they continued to work for thirteen years. They have two children of their own, Gloria Nellie and Francisco Javier.

At the end of 2004, Juan and Gloria returned to Lima, partially to do some graduate studies on their own, but also to be closer to their respective families. Thus, they came, also looking for a position, preferably in the same area they had worked in for all their married life. Both come highly recommended by many Jesuits. We are happy to have them with us.