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There are more than 29 million people living in Perú. According to the CIA World Fact Book, 34.8% of them live in poverty. The majority of these people experiencing poverty are children. In order to help their families, many of these children are forced to work. Others are forced to live on the streets. Typically these children, by the age of 13, have dropped out of school.

Your donation will help us meet these needs and be a part of the solution

Each child needs the following:

•    Tuition and Books: — $ 700.00
•    Utilities: — $ 400.00
•    Clothes: — $ 300.00
•    Food: — $ 700.00
•    Medical: — $ 400.00
•    Activities: — $ 500.00

Total Annual Sponsorship: — $ 3000.00
Sponsorship for one month: — $ 250.00


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