Juver Calle

(26 years old) – came in January, 1999, on the recommendation of a young Jesuit who had known him in his native city of Piura (600 miles north of Lima). Juver also comes from a very poor family who could never have afforded to provide a higher education for him. Juver, a voracious reader, took a year of preparatory work (his academic background was spotty due to his public school education) before entering in the new liberal arts Jesuit university, Ruiz de Montoya. He decided to study philosophy and letters. He, with the help of his Jesuit assessors, succeeded in getting a full tuition grant from a Spanish Foundation, which covered his basic costs for six years. Juver finished his undergraduate work and Hill graduate by the end of 2007. He received a job teaching letters and philosophy in a Jesuit-run diocesan seminary in the northern mountain city of Jaen in 2006 and just finished his first year there while finishing up his college courses by internet. He has also studied intensive English for three months at Xavier University in Cincinnati in 2003 and did promotional work for the PLF while in the United States left us in January, 2002, after seven years. He travelled to the United States in 2000. Juver is following in Paul’s footsteps and does his own mission work in Piura. He has informally adopted two homeless boys an has arranged for them to receive a private high school education.