Jorge Rodas

(24 years old) – came in December, 1998 after graduating from the Jesuit high school in Tacna, the southernmost city of Peru, 800 miles south of Lima. Jorge was recommended by one of his teachers as one of the brightest students to graduate from that school in some years. He comes from a very poor family who could never have afforded to send him to Lima to study. He first enrolled in Peru’s best engineering college and was accepted. However, after two years studying to be a mechanical engineer, he decided that all that math and science was not best for him. He then took the entrance exam for Peru’s prestigious Pontifical Catholic University and attained first place in the exam, thus gaining a full tuition scholarship, majoring in economics. He graduated from college in November, 2006. Previous to his graduation, he won in a competitive course, a job with Peru’s Central Reserve Bank in Lima, a well-paying and secure job. He has traveled to the United States twice to promote the PLF in Cincinnati and Cleveland. He speaks fluent English. Jorge continued his studies in London. He comes to the ACJ gala dinners and gives money to help support Juver’s mission of helping homeless boys in Piura.