Edgar Huamanñahui

(28 years old) – Edgar was the first Casa Javier resident in 1993. He also came from the same orphanage as the other boys, is a native of Huancayo (same city as Paul Leon) in the mountains east of Lima. He ran away from home when he was eleven years old and found his way to Lima. He came to us in 1993 and excelled immediately in his schooling. After two years of high school, he entered Peru’s National Engineering University. He graduated from said school in December, 2004 majoring in telecommunication engineering. He began an internship with Infonet, a Los Angeles-based telecommunication company in January, 2004 and switched to another company in October, 2006. Since he began earning a salary, he “became independent” in February, 2006, moving into his own apartment. He has travelled four times to the United States (1995,1998, 2001, and in 2007)) doing promotional work for the PLF, and speaks English fluently. Edgar currently serves as an active member on the ACJ board in Peru.